• Age limit: 5 to 12 years old.
  • Complete registration forms, medical details and summer camp waiver are required before the start of the camp.
  • No refunds or store credits will be provided for cancellations within 1 week before the camp start date.
  • For Casual Campers (Single Day), full payment is required on registration.
  • For Consistent Campers (Three Days) & Champion Campers (Five Days), $50 deposit is required on registration.
  • Balance amount is required to be paid latest by 7 days before the camp start date.


  • Funvilla is an unsupervised play area.
  • Parents/guardians are required to supervise their children at all time.
  • Funvilla does not take any responsibility for any injuries or any lost/stolen items.
  • Surveillance cameras are installed around the facility for safety of our guests.
  • No shoes/ slippers or bare-feet allowed in all Play area. Only grip socks are allowed on trampoline. Use regular socks on all slides.
  • You can only bring Fruit trays, veggie trays, chips (no popcorn), finger food and sandwiches for the parties only.
  • Please don’t bring any outside foods to be consumed inside the facility other than parties.
  • No food/ drinks/gum in all play areas.
  • No piñatas please.
  • All Admission tickets and Game cards purchases are non-refundable.
  • No party is allowed in cafe area or anywhere inside the facility without making a reservation of a party room.
  • Funvilla reserves the right to refuse Entry to the facility or ask you and your child to leave if equipment is being misused and pose danger to him/her/you or other players/employee/guest or disrespectful to others.
  • Funvilla is a peanuts/nut aware facility but we do not guarantee if it is nut free environment.
  • All participants require special grip socks to participate.
  • General entry is at first come first serve basis and subject to availability. Please check hours of operation before you plan to visit us.
  • No adult is allowed to play on the equipment other than Soft play area .


  • Reservation is required for all celebrations, in advance
  • A $100 nonrefundable deposit is required for party booking. A nonrefundable deposit of $800 is required for Private Party.
  • You are welcome to upgrade your package but you cannot downgrade once confirmed.
  • Themed decorations belong to Funvilla and cannot be removed or taken away.
  • One cake is included on your package and you can request additional cakes 1 week prior to the party.
  • Please refrain from bringing Piñatas, gum, Cheetos (i.e. cheezies), popcorn, pasta, rice, etc.
  • Guests may purchase additional water bottles and/or juice boxes on the day of the party.
  • Your party time is 2.5 hours in total and if delayed by 10 minutes, you will be charged $50 per each 15 minutes.
  • Funvilla reserves the right to refuse/cancel your party without prior notice if it is against Funvilla policy.


  • Player must be under 12 years of age to jump on the trampoline.
  • Anyone over 12 years of age is not allowed to jump on the trampoline.
  • Please play in your designated area only. Please follow the supervisor’s instructions all the time.
  • All players must wear grip socks to jump on the trampoline.
  • Please read all the instructions and sign waiver before entering the trampoline otherwise you will be considered a trespasser.


  • You must be age 6 or over to do wall climbing.
  • Buy valid ticket to enter this area and challenge your climbing skill.
  • Wear safety harness and climb under authorised supervisor only.
  • Read and understand Safety instructions before entering this area.


  • You must be 4 feet or above in height to participate in this activity.
  • No adults are allowed at Ninja Course.
  • Land flat on your bottom, on the air bed.
  • Be aware and respect others around you and nearby obstacles.
  • Participate at your own risk.
  • Secure loose dress, scarves, loose hairs etc. before participation.
  • Remove your shoes and wear approved socks.


  • General admission tickets have an expiry for three months from the date of purchase as long as they have not yet been redeemed for wristbands.
  • Complete safety instructions are displayed in front of each attraction.
  • Please read them carefully and understand them before accessing that attraction.
  • All sales are non-transferable and non-refundable.