Ninja Course Combining Traditional Gymnastics with Warrior-Style Obstacles

Funvilla Ninja warrior Course is a perfect solution for kids who are devoted to games and love to climb, jump, run and explore. Our entire setup is inspired by martial arts elements to sharpen your child’s mind while instilling a sense of athleticism.

With Ninja Course for kids, witness:

  • Increased strength and focus
  • Sharpened minds and better-thinking capability
  • Better aerial skills and acrobatics
  • Boosted Confidence

Perfectly infusing the traditional gymnastics with warrior moves, this indoor ninja course is a must for your child’s active future. Funvilla Ninja Course gives kids a chance to show off their true moves, comprising kicks, rolls, swings, flips and much more. We work dedicatedly on the overall acrobatics, juggling and aerial skills of your kid and make them the real future star.

We truly understand the twirling and rolling desire of the kids. Funvilla is home to many ninja-style courses with aerial arts training to let your child perform the desired stunts in real life. From ropes, swings, plate-spinning to rock-wall climbing, we make sure your kid never misses any moment to outshine.

Showcase Your Inner Ninja

Funvilla is one of the most preferred destinations for Ninja obstacle courses for your children, paired with our acrobatic structure to invoke a true aesthetic sense. We ensure a secure and competitive environment to unleash the true potential of your kid, ensuring no violation of rules. We keep on enhancing the competitiveness and complexity of challenges and milestones when they seem to be too easy to be accomplished. At all stages, we keep providing the kids with different tips and tricks to sharpen their minds and enhance their decision-making and thinking capabilities, with boosted confidence and aerial moves.

Obstacles for Varied Ages and Skills

Our dynamic obstacle courses are designed for different age groups and skill levels, amongst which you can try the one you desire. Obstacles are built keeping different factors in mind, to enhance the overall challenging power of the players and test their agility and strength. We strongly consider the age and fitness level of kids while developing the indoor Ninja Course for obstacles.

It’s time to bid goodbye to excessive climbing of kids on your home accessories that result in an ultimate mess. With our Ninja warrior Course, we explain the complexity of different obstacles and build long-term habits for health and fitness in the participants.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced one with a desire to perform better, we have something for you.

Some of the Guidelines You Must Consider

No food or beverage is allowed inside the Ninja obstacle playground. The participants are all subject to specific age and height to try different obstacles. Get expert consultation from our staff regarding age and height restrictions? Wear only the recommended shoes for better learning. Obstacle Course for bigger kids is more complex and can be unsafe for little kids. Therefore, choose your course carefully according to age.