The Best Trampoline Park Experience with Incredible Attractions

Helping You Create Fabulous Memories

Are you one of those with an aim to fly high and twist in an airbag area? Funvilla Trampoline Park can be your next destination to create lasting memories while enjoying a safe and extreme adventure. We are highly dedicated to bringing lasting indoor bouncing experiences and invite jumpers of designated ages to participate and show their real enthusiasm. It’s time to indulge in the real thrill of indoor jumping and bouncing with a full excitement bundle, brought to you by Funvilla’s indoor playground and trampoline park.

Our kids' trampoline park is all equipped with:

  • Open jump and Ninja airbags
  • Wall Climbing center with different climbing lines
  • Aerial ropes
  • Free Jump
  • Basketball
  • Kids zone
  • And much more

Age Restrictions: 6 to 17 years old only

Funvilla offers family-friendly services at its trampoline park while creating some good memories of aerobics, which is surely beneficial for burning off some extra energy and get into a good body shape. Our trampoline parks are a perfect pick for many of the birthday parties, private and corporate events, and different fitness activities. Being the best choice for burning up to 1000 calories within an hour while having fun, these parks are surely a fascination for many of the fitness freaks.

Our Indoor Trampoline Park and play center comprises of a long runways, latest Ninja airbags, hoops and a massive playing areas, making it a top choice when it comes to kids’ entertainment. Bouncing together, kids not only enhance their interactive skills and make new buddies, but also learn some lifelong skills such as dedication and motivation to exceed in life. Well-equipped with the latest facilities, safety features and skilled staff, we offer the highest level of experience to all and ensure jumpers a completely safe place to bounce and enjoy. Our indoor facilities are always quite helpful in saving you from extreme weather and keeping your inside sportiness alive!

Premium Fun Destination for Kids upto 12 years of age


Funvilla’s Trampoline Park Kitchener is solely built keeping you in mind. All the elements have been designed for kids of varied ages and all. We are known for creating memorable experiences for jumpers and take pride in the safety, fun element, and the overall cleanliness of our park. There is plenty of space for each jumper to remain active and explore their inner potential as much as they can. The main court is all equipped with flat, long and angled wall tramps to help you gather with friends and have ultimate FUN together. Not only this, we also provide the jumpers with interesting activities of testing their skills and pushing the overall jumping experience to a whole new level. Funvilla Trampoline Park is all about some extra moves, twirls, grabs and aerial acrobatics.

A Great Combination of Physical Activities and Fun

Jump freely in our park that has been designed with fun and safety elements in mind. We have got a variety of fascinations at our park to choose from:

  • Free jump:Helpful for burning lots of extra calories, combining core exercises, strength-building activities, assuring a low-impact and healthy fun. Free jump at our indoor trampoline park is one of the most dynamic workouts you would ever have witnessed and assures each of the athlete to feel rejuvenated at the end.
  • Basket Ball: Bounce as high as you can, as if you are going to touch the sky and feel on the new levels of heights with our Basketball arena built inside our trampoline park, that combines fun and fitness for ultimate serenity.

The Ultimate Benefits of Funvilla Indoor Trampoline Park

Some of the benefits of our trampoline park include:

  • Developing spatial awareness
  • Developing lifelong social skills and interact more with others
  • Emphasizing on the importance of health and fitness
  • Having maximum fun
  • Utilizing free time in the most creative manner
  • A proven choice for family events, birthday parties, fitness options, and corporate events

An Exciting Addition to Entertainment

Leave the dull lifestyle behind and recreate some fun moments with your friends, family, and colleagues under a safe and friendly environment at Funvilla.

Feel free to contact us for any queries and we would love to cater to your needs.